In documentation said

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The regex element is used to define sequences of characters constrained by a regular expression. This element can operate in two modes. Firstly it contain either arbitrary regular expressions placed as the text within the element. Secondly it can contain a type attribute and no contained text. Valid values for the type attribute are:

  • uri - any standard rfc2396 uri
  • active-escaped-uri - a that has been escaped to be safe inside active syntax
  • active-escaped-uri-loose - a lose and fast form of active-escaped-uri

I'm wondering if there is a helper method that produce active-escaped-uri values from a given active uri string.

By searching in code I only found

private static String encode(String aInput)

in layer0.util.RegexRewriterRule but this method is private so it's not suitable ...

I hope that this make sense for you and you could help,

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