ffcpl: or alike in NK5

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June 19, 2013 13:33

Thanks Peter,

We'll get pretty far with that :-) You only have to make sure that the debug directory exists ... it won't create it on the fly like ffcpl: did. But it helped me to find a bug (?), but that will go in a different thread ;-)



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June 19, 2013 07:59

Hi Menzo,

Do you actually need the read through model of ffcpl:? You are correct that the nearest equivalent is fpds:/ - however if all you really want is to be able to SINK into the module fileset then you can make a <fileset> mutable like this...

  <mutable />

So now (provided you have a directory called debug/ and your module is expanded) you can do this...

SINK res:/debug/myAccessor.response.xml

If this is not what you're after then it would little work to create something exactly equivalent to ffcpl:/ - let us know and we will help...


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June 19, 2013 07:44ffcpl: or alike in NK5

Hi, All,

I'm basically looking for a port of the ffcpl: functionality in NK5.

In my NK3 applications I tend to place debug dumps of intermediate steps and responses in a module specific scratch directory, e.g., using ffcpl:/debug/myAccessor.response.xml. This worked great and with a simple preprocessor for my DPML scripts I could easily enable or disable these kind of debug dumps.

I'm now looking for an equivalent in NK5. ffcpl: doesn't exist anymore. fpds: seems to come close, but I would need a pds: implementation that goes to the filesystem instead of a H2 database or in memory. Is there such an implementation? Or am I looking at it wrongly and am too much stuck in a NK3 frame of mind?

Many thanks in advance,


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