How to add an address space using nCode ?

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nk4um User
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September 10, 2012 16:44

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the answer. Does Tom is right when he says that "nCode fits the second C of Construct - Compose - Constrain, the three stages of ROC development, like a glove"?

I ask this because this was not obvious to me, at first, that I had to go to the "New Module Wizard" in order to get the "nCode instances" button in the "Explore" tab. Once I got the button, well, I clicked on it, without thinking that I would have to "Construct" my endpoints before Composing them with nCode.

Maybe the button should always be visible once the nCode module is installed, but with a line saying "No nCode-enabled module have been found, please create one with the New Module Wizard". Then, when a nCode-enabled module is found, it would be good to tell the user that some resources are not available and should be sorted out by editing "module.xml" by hand.

I don't know if this is technically possible but it would make the use of nCode easier.

Best regards, Grégoire

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nk4um Administrator
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September 8, 2012 17:22

Hi Gregoire,

there is no capability to edit the module.xml in nCoDE so you would need to do that manually. However another way to achieve the aim without stepping outside of nCoDE is to use XML Literals. The can be created and edited in the GUI.

Cheers, Tony

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September 8, 2012 16:47

Ok, forget about the XUnit test, it was still the default one :

  <testname="Invoke service by identifier">
      <stringEquals>Hello World&lt;/stringEquals&gt;

Obviously the assert is wrong here. But testing with http://localhost:8080/test-nk-deployment/service returns :

Static resource not found
Resource [/resources/stylesheets/strip_namespaces.xsl] in space ......

so it's still the problem I described, how can I tell nCode that there is a new fileset in the module?

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September 8, 2012 16:17How to add an address space using nCode ?


I read this article on Tom Geudens's blog :

and decided to test it myself. So, I think I have reproduced the nCode graph, and then I added the two XSL files inside the /resources/stylesheets directory of my module.

Then I tried to test the module using "XUnit Test Manager", but the test failed because the XSL resources cannot be found. Looking inside "module.xml", this is logical, because there is no import of the "stylesheets" directory.

I imagine that I could add the "stylesheets" directory by hand, but since nCode is a graphical tool, I guess that it is possible to add this directory in the address space graphically. My problem is that I don't find how… Any hint is welcome!


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