NK as a JSR-170 application server

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February 3, 2012 18:06JCR

I did a very small prototype of this a year or so ago. My interest was in providing a simple get/put interface to the JCR repository - basically making it look like a filesystem with xml documents instead of an amorphous collection of nodes. It basically worked and wasn't too difficult, but I had to move on to another project before I got it to a reasonably polished state.

Conceptually the idea is sound and the mapping isn't that difficult, but there are some things that make it tedious (such as the tendency of jcr to use a billion different namespaces).

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January 18, 2012 23:52NK as a JSR-170 application server


I am interested in the idea of using NetKernel as a layer on top of (front end to) a JSR-170 Content Repository, specifically Apache Jackrabbit.

I'm wondering if anyone has already considered or done this?


Steve Cameron

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