I''m pretty new to NetKernel and ROC is general but I''ve been working on some private cloud utilities that use RabbitMQ as their backbone. I''d really like to explore simplifying things with some combination of NetKernel, Spring AMQP, or Scala Actors. Frankly, anything would be better than the spaghetti I''m making at the moment.

I''ve written a Tomcat session manager that I use inside tcServer. This means I''ve got multiple copies of all the connections, channels, producers, and consumers running on a small VMware Linux VM. This is not just wasteful, it''s a throughput-killer. I need a more scalable solution in general, which is why I started investigating NetKernel to begin with.

I''m interested in creating an AMQP/RabbitMQ module for NetKernel as a step toward this cloud consolidation I''m currently dealing with. I thought I might take the JMS module as an example and integrate with Spring AMQP to create an internal AMQP endpoint that other processes could use to deal with other components in the cloud asynchronously. This would be a two-way street. I could register endpoints as callbacks to be notified when new messages come in as well as being an outgoing message producer.

I know there''s other ways to get asynchronous interaction but I''m pretty vested in using RabbitMQ because AMQP is cross-platform enough I can write low-level utilities in Python or Ruby and not lose any functionality (or be forced to run that code in JRuby or Jython or something unpleasant like that). I''m really wanting to use NetKernel as a bridge between a "node" in my cloud and the individual services running on that box in different Java VMs and other services running in the cloud that are written in non-Java languages.

I guess I''d like to know if something like is worth spending some serious time working to develop. It seems like ROC is a good tool for cloud computing and I''d like to spend enough time investigating it to see if it''s going to work for me or not. Is this a fool''s errand or is there something useful at the end of this rainbow? :)