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nk4um Administrator
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June 6, 2005 09:34not sure, but here's a plan of attack
First you can use the NetKernel debugger to stop the request going to into the SQLQuery. That way you can see what characters are creeping in.

As a second step write a script (in either beanshell/js) to iterate over the surname field and do a clever trim. Put this into your pipeline before the query and you should be looking good.
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nk4um User
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June 3, 2005 16:33Trailmaps->Database Backend
I am having a little trouble getting this to work with mysql and Java. At some point when I do inserts into the table, the lastname is being left filled with some character (apparently not spaces because mysql trim function has no effect). Since lastname is padded on the left, the browser does not locate the names I have added ("lastname like ''A%'' or lastname like ''a%''" is not found). Have you ever heard or seen this before?

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