Hi, All,

I''ve run into the following problem in NK 3 (I don''t know if it is also a problem in NK 4):

- I''ve a Relax NG source file, lets say test.rng
- I used it to validate an XML document, so now test.rng has been transrepted with org.ten60.netkernel.xml.accessor.rng.RNGValidatorTransreptor into an RNGValidator
- but this Relax NG file is also part of my REST interface so I need to give access to the source document, however, this fails with the following exception:

No suitable transreptor found for conversion from [org.ten60.netkernel.xml.accessor.rng.RNGValidatorAspect] to [com.ten60.netkernel.urii.aspect.IAspectString]

Which basically means that you can''t decompile a RelaxNG validator ;-) How can I get access to the original source document? Do I need to expire the RNGValidatorAspect?

Any help would be appreciated!