If you have come to the NetKernel overview talk and came away compelled but unsure how to proceed, this talk will jump right in to building real resource-oriented systems with NetKernel. We will move away from the theoretical mind-melting right into the applied mind-melting. It is difficult to make the shift away from an object-oriented model, but this talk will demonstrate several examples of how and why you may want to. It will also include a preview of what is coming in NetKernel 4. This is kind of a REST + Polyglot Programming + SOA + Architecture talk all rolled up into one. This talk will build out:

- Wrappers around a relational database that can act as RESTful interfaces through HTTP or service higher layers
- Transformational layers that convert the data into different forms
- Orchestration across a variety of data sources
- Integration with a variety of web tier technologies

All along the way, we will make appropriate language choices to solve our problems. One size does not fit all and an environment that embraces this is incredibly important.