Well, its ready...


Thank you all for your feedback, advice, general support over the last 4 years.  It wouldn''t have turned out like it did without you.

You''ll also find a brand-new website...


...which we hope you''ll think prepares the ground for NetKernel to move to the next level.

If you visit you''ll be wondering what the heck NetKernel Enterprise Edition is?  Well send us an email to nkee-access-program@1060research.com and you''ll be the first ones to get the preview build.  The core features are in place and since it is derived from NKSE it is already production ready - we are now working on building out the higher level tools.

Watch for NetKernel release news and an article on The Server Side later today.  And please help spread the word!

The 1060 Team