I generally prefer to avoid building components in java, but it is at times necessary (for example, creating a nk3 transport).  I''m wondering how others go about compiling their code.

I mostly like how dynamic modules work for this; they automatically import all the correct jars based on your module configuration.  The downside is that it tries to compile/restart every time you save any change (making it challenging to make a set of related changes or implement a completely new component), and that the error messages are send to the system log.  It would be terribly useful if there was a control panel tool for running the dcp explicitly on a particular module not otherwise indicated as dynamic, and showed the messages from that compilation.

The other approach I''ve taken is having an ant script, but for that you need to manually find and include all the right dependencies (or blindly include everything possible).  IWBNI someone had a ready-made ant task to setup the classpath based on a module.xml. 

A distantly related question is how to start nk with a different set of deployed modules.  com.ten60.netkernel.container.Container has a main method that would seem to take arguments allowing exactly this by specifying a different system config (which in turn specifies the location of deployedModules.xml), but the standard startup script runs com.ten60.netkernel.bootloader.BootLoader instead, and that class isn''t documented or sourced so I don''t know what arguments it might take, if any.