fragments in rewrites

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July 16, 2008 14:56fragments in rewrites - submitted to bugster
submitted - bugster id is 148.
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nk4um Administrator
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July 15, 2008 21:53Yep, a bug
Yes that sounds like a bug, well spotted! I suspect the fragment isn''t getting treated consistently if it is added by a rewrite part way through the resolution process of the module. Please could you raise a bug on bugxter. Cheers.

Best solution/workaround is to put the fragmentation operation into a simple DPML script and rewrite to the script. That should do the trick.

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July 15, 2008 19:14fragments in rewrites
Is there a problem when using fragments on the "to" uri of an internal rewrite?

For example, if I add the following rewrite to the top of the mapping section in the workbench module, the fragment part of the rewritten uri seems to be ignored and I just get the whole xml document (entrypoints.xml) back:


I expected to get just the "name" element back. 

I''m using the resource request trace tool to inject the internal request ffcpl:/rewrite/to/fragment.

On the other hand if I restart NK and request the rewritten uri directly via the request tool, I just get the name element as expected, instead of the whole document.  But if I''ve already run the <from/> request then the rewritten request also just gives me the whole document, presumably because it found it in cache.

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