Coding a new transport : reuse existing code

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nk4um Administrator
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March 12, 2005 12:11
Transport component base classes are too general to have methods like openConnection() for example. The base classes support any mechanism for allow request into the system, I guess a subset of these might have a need to open connections.

However it is true that for example the JMS transport could have abstracted out it''s connection opening functionality into a method, or it could have extended a more sophisticated sub-class such as ConnectionOrientedTransportImpl. When the JMS transport was implemented I naively never thought about vendors such as Oracle looking to achieve lock-in by adding non-standard JMS support and therefore didn''t try to make the class flexible in that way.

However the source code is there to clone and adapt. However if you find a good abstraction to generalize the JMS transport, or transports in general we will gladly accept it back into the codebase.

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nk4um User
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March 11, 2005 10:32Coding a new transport : reuse existing code

being a netkernel newbie, I''m maybe wrong, but I find the way transports are coded does not encourage reuse. Example : the jms transport. I want to code oracle advanced queueing (AQ). AQ supports the jms api, but in a slightly different way (no jndi e.g.). So, I could take the jms transport like it''s coded in netkernel, subclass it and override some methods (getting a connection ,...). But I need to take a copy of all the classes. Can''t these be put somewhere centrally like the api ?
Maybe, it''s a stupid question, but I''m still learning.


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