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nk4um Administrator
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May 14, 2007 17:45
We do not have a direct comparison of the performance of NetKernel and other XML processing platforms. Even if we did, the comparison of various operational facets would not be good predictors of the relative performance of a completed application on NetKernel and other platforms.

The reason is that NetKernel''s cache is fine-grained and relies on relative costs of holding resource representations. We find that NetKernel is able to discover the lowest amount of computational processing required to support all applications running on an instance. And since the cache is dynamic it will adjust as the work load changes. Unfortunately, the only valid comparison is between two implementations of the same system - one on NetKernel and one another platform. Fortunately, many people are converting existing applications directly to NetKernel, so we have seen the comparison of several completed systems.

Since you are working with an XML processing pipeline, the best information I can give you is the results of the port of an XML message processing system to NetKernel. NetKernel was able to not only run faster it scaled with cores as NetKernel is able to allocate work to processing CPU cores quiet effectively. The speed up was about 3x to 4x and the scaling factor improved performance from there. In fact, the customer got such a good result with NetKernel, they down-sized their computer system and still got the performance they needed.

You also ask about which language to use for scripting XSL and XQuery - I would suggest that each developer working on a system pick the language that they are most comfortable with. The processing time will probably be dominated by the XML libraries providing the XSL and XQuery functions, so the language choice may not have a large impact on final system performance. If you are faced with a very tight memory constraint, please provide more information about your performance and memory constraints I can give you a more specific answer.

You might want to read the white paper on the fibonacci algorithm analysis available from

as that will explain how one must modify the approach to performance analysis when comparing a resource-oriented solution with a procedural or object-oriented approach.


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nk4um User
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May 9, 2007 14:30Performance questions

Do you have performance comparisons between various XML processing platforms ? I am especially interested in comparison with Orbeon Presentation Server.

Secondly if my application mainly uses XSL and XQuery transformations which scripting language gives the best performance in terms of processing time and required memory ?

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