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November 21, 2006 13:20Commercial Use Licensing
Hi Alex,

You are quite right that committing to use a technology without knowing the commercial terms is a bad proposition.  That''s why we believe in being totally transparent and have a published pricelist. You can download a copy by completing this form:

This will provide our standard corporate licensing terms.  Obviously these terms don''t suit all situations.  We are always happy to find a mutually beneficial deal.   For example, for our OEM customers we usually settle on custom licensing arrangements.   Please contact one of our sales representatives  if you''d like to discuss options.


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November 20, 2006 11:37Licence

1060 Public License has strong restrictions (even a service has to be opensource). Fine since its your choice :) But how can we evaluate a NK adoption if we don''t have informations on the commercial licence ? Price for example are not only useful to establish a capitalist relation :) but it tells us if we can adopt a product or not. I can''t learn and work months on a product to see at the end than i can afford it :) You can tell me : "easy, just contact me and we discuss of it". The problem is what is acceptable for a project is not necessarly acceptable for another and i can''t learn one product and technology by project just because of the licence :)

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