This news post were too long to link it directly after the "Community Layer" post i made in the "feedback and suggestion" section of the forum. Whatever, it shares some concerns and may interest some of you.

Before Ajax "comes to the life we know", there were only marginal genious precursors and the big Ajax actors who still exist today, more than whenever. There are among them, for the "biggest" :  Tibco, Jackbe, Bindows, Backbase, XUI, Casabac... most of them deliver more than expensive (and even more  :) ) products and we were in a big waiting attitude for having free opensource similar products.

These Ajax toolkits came, relatively young but becoming more and more powerful with dojo, qooxdoo, rico, spry, prototype yahoo ui, dwr, google toolkit and so on... for all our pleasure, especially when we saw the so impressive capabilities of their previously mentionned big brothers. Some of the free toolkits begin to make this difference shorter and shorter but there are still travel on the road...before having capabilities like bindows, infrastructure of tibco or jackbe and all their gui builder etc etc

Whatever, i were amazed today to see Tibco adopted the opensource BSD licence and without any kind of limitations (there are no other product editions...) as you can see http://www.tibco.com/software/ria/gi_licenses_pricing.jsp. For those of you who does not know Tibco, here are some informations

The product             http://www.tibco.com/software/ria/default.jsp
Resource center       http://www.tibco.com/software/ria/gi_resource_center.jsp
Developer Network   http://www.tibco.com/devnet/gi/default.jsp
FAQ                        http://www.tibco.com/software/ria/gi_faq.jsp#q5na

Screenshots of the builder which is also free http://www.tibco.com/resources/software/ria/gi_builder_screenshot_large.html   http://www.tibco.com/resources/software/ria/gi_screenshot_large.html

Now you may want to have external reviews

Don''t trust the last article which is not old but already delivers old informations, it is not $25,000 but free, not only ie but also firefox among the things and here are the loud news

Besides we also have Dojo and Yahoo ui integration into Tibco :

enough... i let you discover documentation and video tutorials if you are interested but well with such a quality level and advanced product like Tibco, i were thinking that could be more than interesting to bring in NK the two suggestions i post in the mentionned "Community Layer" post. Except the unbelivable that would offer, it would also a huge publicity for NK i think, surely followed by a good popularity.