NetKernal as middleware layer

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December 19, 2006 14:07Sales Pitch
Hi Gents,

Thanks for the replies. I''ve been a bit quiet lately as have been busy preparing for the start of the project and things are slowly slotting into place. Which means that we can slowly start actually doing something productive as opposed to feeding lawyers coffers.

By the sounds of things, my scenario is an "ideal" application for NetKernel. Now I only have to sell it here within my organisation, which is an MS shop (for better of for worse).

Has anybody ever prepared a "sales pitch" for NetKernel for IT folks? Would they be willing to share something like this?

Has anybody compared NetKernel to BizTalk? How do they stack up against each other? Pros and cons of each solution? And be willing to share something like this?

I hope that you don''t think that I''m trying to get you guys to do my work for you, but I''m thinking that you may know of links that may point to such documentation or somebody has done something like this beforehand. I''d hate to be re-inventing the wheel if possible, but would love to do a sales pitch internally to convince some of the "experts" here that Java does actually work in production.

Also, to whom should I direct quires of commercial nature in regards to NetKernel? I''ve noticed that you guys offer consulting services, therefore you''d probably be happy to on-sell these services to other clients?

Thanks and regards,
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November 8, 2006 17:32
Hi Saltcafe,

I would like to add my comments about your proposed use of NetKernel.

Yes, NetKernel would make an excellent middle layer for your system. Among the benefits you will find:

    * Complexity reduction. We are told that one of the primary benefits of using NetKernel  as you propose is that it enables you to "step up" and work at a higher level of abstraction and use a simple, consistent view of resources that come from a variety of sources.

    * Transparent conversions. As you have read in the documentation, NetKernel is a resource-oriented system that provides the concept of "transreption". That is, it will translate a resource representation from one type to another transparently, based on the desires of the client. That means that you can gather information from various sources (files, database, JMS messages, etc.) and have the information converted to a consistent representational form (e.g. XML).

    * Transport independence. In NetKernel, transports are orthogonal to services / resources. It is easy to write middleware logic that knows and cares nothing about how messages arrive or are returned to clients. Multiple transports (e.g. HTTP, JMS, POP/SMTP) can be supported simultaneously by your application.

As Tony mentioned, NetKernel is not constrained to be a web based engine. Think instead of NetKernel as a general purpose system that supports resource-oriented development that happens to easily support HTTP as a transport. Many examples were written using the HTTP transport because it is easy to demonstrate the product using a browser as a client.

Please continue to ask questions!

-- Randy
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November 8, 2006 09:31NetKernel is integration middleware
Hi Saltcafe and welcome to the forum.

I think your scenario is a direct hit on the sweetspot for NetKernel. We have a number of customers using NetKernel for very similar things. For example see: Our quotes page contains references to other customers using NetKernel for integration tasks too:

The distribution contains many demo applications that are web apps. The reason for this is that they are so much more immediate and easy to tinker with as a means to learning NetKernel. NetKernel isn''t tailored as a "web based engine" so I''ll take on board your comment as feedback that we must try harder to define what NetKernel is.

If you have any questions please don''t hesitate to post here on the forum. Or sign up for a months free evaluation support.

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November 8, 2006 09:02NetKernal as middleware layer

I''ve been thinking about using NetKernal as a middle-ware layer between systems to exchange data in XML and plain text (unstructured). I''d need to hook up to MQ Series and other connections of similar nature. Also I''d need to import data from file systems stored as files.

I''d be looking at replacing a mish-mash of other middleware technologies with NetKernal.

Does anybody have opinions about NetKernal suitability in this respect?

Do you think that it is appropriate to use in such a context? Is this the right solution? or would you recommend something else?

From my initial readings of the doco, it would appear that it would be perfect for this scenario, but I''m not not quite sure if it''s tailoring as a web based engine wouldn''t impede it''s capacity in a middle-ware type environment.
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